About  Muscatatuck Whitetails

Based out of southeastern Indiana, our properties are listed in one of the top 10 Indiana counties for harvesting of mature whitetail bucks!

​The properties are available on a daily or weekly basis with controlled hunter numbers to keep game from being over pressured.

​Muscatatuck Whitetails brings a hunting opportunity that combines a fair price for fair chase hunting! With several properties to choose from, a hunter can be assured that Muscatatuck Whitetails has land that will fit your hunting wants and needs. 

​Choosing your days or week to hunt quickly is important as it is on a first come first serve basis.​ You are responsible for choosing the area you wish to place your stand(s).  If you want Muscatatuck Whitetails to choose an area to place a stand(s) (pre-hunt) there will be an extra fee associated for that request (see pricing).

​Each Hunter may harvest one mature buck under the lease guidelines of at least 15 inches wide (inside spread) OR score at least 120 inches gross in antler growth.  ​A $300 fine may be levied for harvesting an obviously small buck at manager discretion.  

​If you have purchased an Indiana combo tag, you may also harvest up to two antlerless deer  during your hunt if antlerless populations are favorable.